advantage program


Choice makes it possible for our client’s to remain in their homes independently and safely, rather than being placed in a nursing facility though the ADvantage Program.

Choice provides comprehensive Medical Case Management services for the ADvantage Program, a Medicaid state waiver program in Oklahoma. The program provides Medicaid services to help people stay at home and assists frail elders and adults who have physical disabilities.

A person must first qualify for Medicaid, a low income service, prior to receiving ADvantage. ADvantage cannot be provided for children or those individuals with mental retardation.

Case Management is a collaborative team-oriented approach which assesses, plans, implement, coordinates, monitors and evaluates the options and services available to meet an individual’s needs, both social and health. Continual team communication, investigation and consultation is used to obtain all available resources in and around the community in order to promote quality, cost-efficient outcomes, that effectively meet patient needs to be safe in their community and environment.


Choice ADvantage Services

  advocacy for patients and families
  ongoing evaluation
  development and implementing plan of care
  coordination of all services

The ADvantage Program is administered by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and uses Medicaid funds to purchase in-home, long term care services. Frail, elderly and disables adults who qualify for Medicaid services and nursing home care are eligible for the ADvantage Program. The goal is to assist the client to remain in his or her home as long as possible, if that is their choice.

 Oklahoma Department of Human Services
what is ADvantage?